Monday, April 30, 2007

Earth Day, Sunday 22nd of April

More Art work from the kids
The tents provided by Trukai for the NGOs to showcase their work in PNG

Some of the contestants work displayed for the Art comp held by the US embassy

Kone Sharks

Before the wall was painted by the Koki Art group, sponsred by, Alliance Francais and Akzon Nobel

Koki Art Group, painting the fence at Ela Beach

The basketball wall in the centre of the beach, after is was painted

The Governer General, Sir Paulus Matane and the US Ambassador, Lesley Rowe

Taubmans Volunteers

Trukai Volunteers

People helping to keep the beach clean

Some of the children from Koki

This was a day to remember, we were all so proud to see the community effort put in on the day to help clean up the beach.

Well over 500 people turned up to the beach at 8:00 on Sunday morning. I was practically mobbed for gloves and garbage bags.

So many different groups came down to the beach. We had, Trukai, Protec Ssecurity, Ela Motors, Taubmans Westpac, Easiloan, BSP, Deloittes from the business houses and Kone Sharks and the Kanu Klub come down to show their support and appreciation for the environment.

You were all such an inspiration!!!!! Congratulations and thank you for coming down and helping.

This is only the beginning. An event such as this was worthwhile for more than 500 people would have left the beach happy that it was clean but also realizing that the next day the rubbish would be back again. This is a commitment we are making to the environment to clean it up. We are taking responsibility for our home.

What is World Earth Day?

April 22nd signifies World Earth Day. It is a day in which the world collectively recognizes the necessity to create a sustainable society by educating and encouraging people globally to protect the environment.

What is the Significance of this event?

It aims at inspiring individuals and communities on a local, national and international level to care about our earth by thinking globally and acting locally.
We hope that this event highlights the importance of environmental protection, brings community focus back to Ela Beach as the heart of Port Moresby and encourages the community to work together with respective stakeholders to protect and respect each other and the environment..

How can you help keep Ela Beach clean?

1. Always throw your rubbish in the bins.

2. Don’t throw plastics into the rivers or the sea.

3. If you only have a few items carry them, instead of using plastic bags

4. Take bilums, ask for boxes or recyclable bags to the shops with you for your shopping.

5. Buy less food packaged in plastic

6. Buy more market food as there is no plastic required for packaging.


Carolyn said...

Oh what an amazing effort!

I'm so proud of you, I wish I was there to help out!


earthling said...

Thanks for your ideas on how to keep Ela Beach clean. Moresby in general is very dirty. It would be nice if people throw rubbish into bins. It would also be nice if lots of rubbins are placed around.

islandbaby aka ricebag said...

hey lovely

those last 6 points are REALLY important - education & prevention = the best cure for societal/enviro ills.

am talking about increased public awareness programs - maybe radio jingles etc as community service announcements.

just an idea.

Tony said...

Not only did I enjoy browsing through your blog, I also admire your determination to “save PNG”.

I'm currently reading "Doctor in Paradise, Challenges and Rewards in Medical Service New Guinea 1958-1970" an account by Dr. Mary Guntner of her time working in PNG from 1958 to 1970. A recurring question as each page gives me a glimpse into life in PNG, before you and I were born, is whether PNG is really better off. The answer, of course, is yes but not in quite the way the architects of PNG’s statehood would have envisaged. Significantly, we are masters of our own destiny and bright young people like you can really make a difference in the path PNG follows.

Keep striving. Wishing you well.

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