Sunday, July 22, 2007

"1000 Tree's in 1 Day", World Environment Day, June 2007

Thomas from Motopure Island Research Institute

Talking with Pati Potts Doi, a well recognised PNG music artist

Interview with EM TV
The Crowd

Pati with his beautiful fans
Zola (WWF) and Nina (Greenpeace)
The future

Media Release

PNG Eco-Forestry Forum launched "1000 in 1 Day" mass tree planting campaign in
Commemoration of the 35th World Environment on June 5.

June 5, 2007. ENVIRONMENTAL and Conservation NGOs under the PNG Eco-Forestry Forum umbrella launched the "1000 in 1 Day" mass tree planting campaign in Port Moresby yesterday in commemoration of the 35th World Environment Day.
The group distributed 500 tree seedlings for planting to 22 selected schools in the city and planted 1000 mangrove seedlings during a re-vegetation exercise at Gabagaba village headed by the Motupore Island Research Institute on World Environment Day.

This year’s international theme is "Melting Ice, A hot topic?" focusing on the effects of climate change. The theme motivated the NGO group to raise awareness and educate Papua New Guineans on the threats posed by continued carbon emissions and the importance to protect and replant trees and forests as one solution to the problem of global climate change.

Although, the topic may not be familiar to the PNG setting, melting ice cap lead to the rise in sea level placing PNG and other islands in the South Pacific region at risk.

The group’s campaign to get Port Moresby residents to commit to this year’s event by planting 1000 trees in 1 day. Growing trees is the simplest way to store carbon and remove it from the atmosphere (carbon sequestration) through the involvement of youths and communities in NCD.

Schools, sporting organizations, corporate entities and environmental NGOs have cooperated to raise community awareness on the importance of planting trees to absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

"The campaign is a bid to give a human face to this important environmental issue and empower young people to become an active agent of sustainable development and to be advocates for a prosperous future." said PNGEFF chairman Damien Ase.

Papua New Guinea boasts of some of world’s most spectacular animals and plant life and landmarks that may not be found anywhere in the world. However, their ecosystems and sustainability is threatened by climate change.

Mr Ase thanked Corporate Companies who are supporting this initiative. These companies include, Peter Allan Lowing Lawyers, Coral Sea Hotels, Barrick PNG Ltd, Rural Development Bank, Steamships Trading Ltd, Brian Bell and Co, Telikom PNG, Boroko Motors, Theodist Stationary, Trukai Industries, Super Value Stores and NCDC Parks and Gardens.

The wider public is invited to a mass tree planting to reach the target of 1000 trees on June 9 at Don Bosco Technical Institute starting at 7am. The Celebration will feature renowned musician and passionate environmentalist Patti Potts Doi. Plants, organic fruits and vegetables will be sold on the day to promote the green theme.


Liam Kelly said...

Great work.I have some long term plans for your country also. Spent time in Lae, Wewak, Mt Hagen and Moresby in August & December last year.
Can you give me your email address.
Regards, Liam Kelly
South Australia

Carolyn said...

Well done, darling. Mwah!

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